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Create Your Narrative with a Weekly Compass Card

There’s a difference between a plotline and an ordinary sequence of events. When you read a sequence of events, you’ll likely ask yourself, “And then?” But when reading a narrative with a good plot, you’ll ask, “Why?” Why does character A feel that way about character B? How will our heroes succeed in their quest, and why are they journeying in the first place? Is the hero just a hero, or does she have another role to play? A well-crafted plot makes you want to connect the story’s events with a bigger picture.

A Weekly Compass Card helps your weekly planning sessions go from writing down a series of events to creating a fascinating narrative for your life. It gives you space to list out the roles that you fill, providing the “Why?” for every task or appointment you list in your planner. When you connect your plans to what matters most, your life can take on the excitement of the latest best seller.



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