Creating a Family Organization Center

Have you ever wished you had a place in your home where you could keep your whole family organized—a central hub from which everything emanated—an air traffic control center of sorts? We call them family organization centers and they’re all the rage on Pinterest these days. We’ve pinned a few ourselves. Believe it or not, they’re not that difficult to create. Here are some quick ideas to help you get started.

Decide where your organization center should be.

The kitchen is the real hub of every home—the place where we gather and discuss while we eat, prepare food, etc. You may choose to locate your organization center near the kitchen. But sometimes organization centers get a little cluttered. Perhaps yours should be in a less visible location. Wherever you decide to create your organization center, make sure it’s a relatively high-traffic area. You need to be sure your whole family will see it at least once each day.

Decide what you’ll organize in this location.

What do you plan to keep track of in your organization center? If youhave a no-shoes policy in your home, this could be a good place to keep shoes, or coats. One idea is to include a bench in your design with baskets for each family member under the bench where they can slip their shoes when they come inside. Do you want to keep your mail here? Would this be a good place for your children to keep their schoolwork and their backpacks? What about your monthly calendar and a message board?

Lay out your design.

Like everything else, this project needs a plan. Draw what you have in mind relative to the area you have so you can be sure it’s pleasing to the eye. Cut out large pieces of wax paper or butcher paper to match the sizes of the items you plan to hang on the walls, and tape them where you would imagine each element would go. This will give you a better feel for how it will look when it’s done. It’s easier to change things at this stage than it is after they’ve been nailed to the wall.

Set it up.

This is the fun part. Find a bench that suits your style and some baskets to slip beneath it. Do you want to be able to see what’s in your baskets, or would you rather they be opaque? It all depends on your personal taste.

Find the perfect monthly planner for your family. Would you like one that never changes—something that erases easily with room for notes, or would you prefer a calendar that you can write on and keep as a reference for later? These items usually hang on the wall above the bench. To add a personal touch, it’s fun to hang family photos around these elements so they look like they fit into the décor.

Find strong, attractive magnets to hold your notes on your message board or white board, and perforated sticky notes that you can take with you when you leave.

Dedicate an area for incoming and outgoing mail. You’ll find all sorts of ways to organize your mail from mail sorters to wall pockets, even pouches that hang on the wall. This is a great way to keep your kitchen counters free of the clutter that comes into your home every day.

Some families hang coat hooks in this area for jackets, hats, or backpacks so everything they need when they leave the house is in this one spot. (It’s a good way to be sure they see the calendar and message board.)

When it’s all done, stand back and admire your work. Now you’ve got an organized, attractive place to keep everyone hopping throughout your busy day.

Do you have an organization center in your home? What are some things that work well for you?


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