Creating a Truly Peaceful Tax Season

Feeling stressed and disorganized is always a sign that something needs to change. If this is true about your taxes, start now to ensure you’re prepared and peaceful next year.  It will be much easier to remember and categorize your statements and transactions now when we’re only a few months into the year, rather than waiting until it’s time to file again. Here are a few products you can add to your planner to ensure you can meet next tax season with confidence.

Auto Mileage Log

Easily record details and mileage for expense reports and tax purposes. With columns for the date, the purpose of your trip, time spent traveling, and a mileage breakdown, you’ll easily keep track of every detail you need.

Check Register

Just like a checkbook register, this will allow you to easily keep track of your expenses without all of the bulk. Simply slip a few pages into your planner and have enough space to write down each withdrawal and deposit for the entire year.

Expense Envelopes

Keep all of your business-related receipts in one convenient place and record detailed information about each one on the outside of the envelope. You can even create personalized columns to keep track of what each expense is for.

Information Record

Whatever miscellaneous information you need to keep track of, this will give you the space to do so. Whether this be notes from your meeting with your accountant, budget information, or purchasing lists, you’ll be able to keep everything in one place and easily find it whenever you need it.

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