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Drinking Soda to Drinking More Water

We all know that sugar isn’t good for us. As it turns out, diet soda isn’t any better. A 2014 study found that consuming too much added sugar increases your risk of dying from heard disease, even if you aren’t overweight. Also, a 2015 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, found that older adults who drank diet soda daily for nearly a decade experienced almost triple the increase in waist size compared to those who never drank it.

But quitting soda cold sounds nearly impossible. Start slow. If you drink more than one can of soda per day, try replacing one can with a glass of water instead. Water is a far better source of hydration. Keep a water bottle at your desk and drink from it throughout your workday. See if having plenty to drink reduces your cravings for sugary soda.

Make a note in your planner for each 8 oz. glass of water you drink. If drinking water starts to get boring, try adding sliced citrus fruit to kick up the flavor.

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