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Eating Out Regularly to Bringing Food From Home

We all know that eating out is expensive. The average fast food lunch costs around $7.00 and is usually less than ideal in terms of nutritional value. If you buy your lunch five days per week, you’ll spend $35.00 weekly. The average person works about 50 weeks per year, bringing your total lunch expenses to $1,750.00 annually. Imagine what you could do with that money!

It costs far less to prepare your food at home. The average homemade lunch costs about $1.50, or $7.50 per week, for a total of $375.00 annually. If your goal is to save money by eating out less, you can start by preparing larger meals on the weekend and packing leftovers two or three days per week. Or you could store sandwich supplies in your office. Each week you could try a new, creative dish. After a few months, eating out will be the exception rather than the rule.

Plan your lunches into your grocery shopping and menu preparation. Our Menu/Shopping forms are ideal for this. They give you a convenient place to plan your meals on one side, while the other side is divided into sections you’ll find at your grocery store, so you can write your shopping list and keep like items together. It will streamline your shopping, which can also save money and time.

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