Email Inbox – 0, You – 1

Is your email inbox count currently in the triple digits?  Do you forget to write people back because new emails are constantly piling up on top of the older ones?  Are you forgetting about events or even worse, forgetting to pay your online bills?  If you answered even one of these questions with a resounding YES, then you need an inbox intervention!

Take these simple steps to reduce the amount of emails that you receive and keep a handle on the ones that you do get.  Turn it into a game and try to get your inbox down to 0!

1)      List your emails in order of “From”.  That way you’ll see everything from A-Z and you can see all of the emails that relate to a person or business in one tidy grouping.

2)     Quickly scan for any emails from businesses that you can unsubscribe to and deposit them into the trash folder.  Do you really need a daily email from J Crew?  Consider instead finding them on Facebook and giving them a “like” to keep up with new products and sales.

3)     Create new folders as you go through your list.  If you want a certain folder to be visible at the top of the list, and its name does not start with an “A”, use an asterisk (*) and that will automatically bring it up to the top.  This is good for bills to be paid and events that are coming up.

4)     As you move emails to their respective folders, mark the important ones as unread.  In my mail system, those emails stay bold.  Then when they get put in a folder, a number is automatically shown next to the folder name, which corresponds to each email that is unread.  That way you can have a visual of important emails that need to be reviewed.

5)     Move through your inbox rapidly.  Create lots of folders and move the emails in; you can always delete them later.  The main idea is to have a clean slate for important emails that arrive daily.

6)     Don’t worry about accidentally sending an email to the trash folder.  Set your preferences for your trash to delete items after one month.  That will allow you to find something recent, but also keep your trash folder from “overflowing”.

So, did you reach 0, or get down to at least one page?  Congratulations – there’s the 1 point in your favor!  Now get started on any other email account(s) you may have.  You’ll find it much easier now that you’ve tackled one successfully!

Thanks Naomi!  Your tips will most definitely be helpful.  

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