Embracing The Unconventional

Embracing the Unconventional

These winter months are filled with activities, tastes, sights, and sounds. Some of them are traditions that have been passed down and cherished – while others have perhaps been dreaded or discarded. For some, the long-held traditions are what make this season special–providing memories to recreate and nostalgia to share. Things like visiting light shows, ice skating, and caroling have become synonymous with this time of year, but what about those looking for an unconventional holiday? If you strive to find those out-of-the-box experiences, want to blaze new trails, and ask the question “why not”, there are many other things you can do to more fully enjoy this holiday season. 

Give An Experience. Instead of giving your family things that may only provide short-term joy, give memories that will last a lifetime. Instead of spending money on gifts under the tree, spend it on a vacation so you can enjoy the holidays doing something fun. This could include a trip to the beach, skiing, renting a condo/cabin, going on a cruise, and more. Experiencing an opposite climate during the holidays can be a fun way to shake things up and make this year stand out in your memories.

Serve Others. Spending Christmas Day at home with your new gifts can be fun, but consider spending it serving those who don’t have a home to enjoy instead. Get in touch with local organizations—such as a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, road home, etc.—and see how you can volunteer. Not only will you be able to bring joy to others, but you’ll be fully immersed in the giving spirit of the season and focused on what truly matters.

Learn About and Incorporate Other Traditions. Research how different cultures celebrate this time of year and find fun ideas you want to integrate into your holidays. Decorate untraditionally, prepare non-traditional/interesting new foods, listen to a variety of festive music, and, overall, take the opportunity to learn about other cultures. 

The holidays can sometimes feel stale when we assume we must do the same things every year. Instead of holding solely onto old traditions, perhaps it’s time to make a few new ones. Whether you decide to shake things up entirely, or simply enhance your classic experience, commit to creating the most joy this holiday season. 

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  1. My church’s 4 suggestions:
    Forgiveness…including self
    Tithing 10% where spiritually fed.
    Set Goals
    Nancy Jo Nutt

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