Energize! It’s Spring!

Energize! It's Spring!

Spring brings warmer weather, longer days, and increased levels of daylight. This season is a time for making choices and taking inspired action. Having taken winter to imagine all the possibilities, we are now called upon to choose a path that excites us. We can feel a new energy in the air, but how do we fully welcome it into our lives? 

Introduce spring décor. For those who have been spending the winter piling up the home comforts and big sweaters, now is the time to carve out some space to breathe. Replace your big, fluffy blankets with soft, light linens and add a splash of color around the room. Weaving in color can be as simple as changing to your brightest linens, adding a few flowers to your décor, or a colorful painting to the walls.

Change your eating habits. With warmer days comes a craving in the body for lighter meals. Cut out the heavy stews for zesty fresh spring green salads, replace root centric soups with something more delicate, and fall back in love with the allure of soufflés, quiches, and middle eastern wonders. Leafy greens like Romaine, red leaf lettuce, and arugula are springing up, as well as asparagus, beets, mint, and radishes which are all full of vitamins and will give you renewed energy.

Let in the light. Sunlight is a powerful tool. It has a lot of health benefits for our bodies and minds, including improving sleep, decreasing stress, and providing you with free vitamin D, which is an essential ingredient for health and happiness. So throw open your blinds, hang mirrors opposite windows to reflect even more light, and keep curtains open earlier and windows ajar to let the sunlight stream in.

Get outside. Take a hike in the woods or go make sandcastles on the beach. Get a group together for a basketball game at the park or dust off your tennis racquet. Time outside clears the cobwebs from your brain and allows some mobility back into joints that can get a bit stiff in cold winter weather. Not only does time outside lessen anxiety and give you more energy, it can also improve your self-esteem, focus, and boost creativity—which will all be needed when working toward your goals.

The spring season is about taking action after winter’s hibernation. It’s a time to leave the past behind you, move forward with new intentions, and welcome all things fresh and new into your life while harnessing it toward achieving your goals.

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