Family Scheduling – 5 Important Tools

Leadership Ring-bound Daily Planner RefillWhen you’re planning out how your family spends time, it can be tricky to get everyone on the same page. Even after overcoming the first hurdle of creating a schedule that works with everyone’s busy lives, you still need reminders to help everyone stick to it. Here are five important tools to help you through this process.


As the first line of planning, your planner can go with you wherever your life takes you. Putting down your daily and weekly tasks in your planner can help you keep up with standard events that repeat from week to week.

A Calendar for You2013 Calendar - Passport to the World by Graphique de France

Keeping a calendar for your personal schedule gives you an at-a-glance reminder for special appointments and occasions, and is indispensible in setting up your planner. Hang a personal calendar near where you keep your planner to make easy to write appointments while the reminder is fresh in your memory.

A Calendar for EveryoneMagnetic Dry Erase Weekly Planner 16 x 16 by Board Dudes

Once you have your own schedule under control, you can move on to organizing your family’s activities. Getting a whiteboard with large spaces for weekly activities gives everyone space to put details like start times and locations without filling up a tiny calendar square.

Reminder Alarms

Most modern cell phones have an alarm function, letting you program it to play a ringtone at a designated time. Some even let you decide which days the alarm goes off (which works well for weekends). Programming standard daily or weekly events can help you accomplish your goals. For example, if you want your kids to go to bed on time, set an alarm for a half hour before and have them start getting ready. Then you can offer punctuality incentives – if they get ready for bed before the snoozed alarm goes off again in ten minutes, they can have two bedtime stories instead of just one.

Specialized Schedules

Baby Tracker - Childcare Record by Time TooWhen bringing home a baby, there are many different things to keep track of: feedings, naptimes, diaper changes, etc. This schedule could overwhelm your regular planner and cram your calendar. In this case, it makes sense to get a specialized schedule for your littlest one.

We’d love to hear from you: what scheduling tools do you use to keep your family on track?

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