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Find Franklin – Round 2!

FF bannerWe have another fun game for our friends. Below you will find a list of clues. Each clue will reveal a hint about a product on our site. You’ll know you’ve found the right product when you see our small, blue Benjamin Franklin icon on the product page. As you find each product, place the first letter of the product name in the blank. (The I’s have been filled in for you.) The completed word is your promo code for great discounts, so this game promises to be both fun and rewarding! Good luck!

1. Go to

2. Search and find the right product based on the clues below

3. Fill in the blank (first letter in the product name goes in the blank)

4. Enjoy a 20% off your entire order promo code!


(we’ve given you the I’s)


1. Your planner could never be complete without images of your friends and loved ones inside. This convenient add-on will keep those you love with you throughout the day.

2. The colors and patterns of this ring-bound planner add a retro vibe to your day.

3. This innovative planner is the one that started it all back in 1984.

4. Here’s a colorful way to find your pages in your ring-bound binder and divide your planner into orderly sections.

5. This ring-bound weekly planner lets you celebrate the textures of your life with beautiful imagery.

6. This sturdy nylon messenger bag is the ideal companion to get you through the zaniness of each day.

7. Track your spending and store your receipts with this innovative addition to your planner. It may be one of our most versatile forms.


Download the crossword puzzle here!

fill in the blank formContest ends September 30, 2016!

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