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Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift

Holiday shopping is tough. The challenge lies in finding the right thing. That’s especially difficult when so many of us don’t need any more things. Things simply add to the clutter that we’re already wading through. So we visit specialty shops, boutiques, malls, and online stores in hopes of finding something both useful and unique—and magically within our budgets.

Perhaps we can save you some effort. We have loads of fun, creative, and useful gifts for any budget. We’ve highlighted a few here, but there are several more to discover in our Gift Guide.

64508_lrgcaseYou’ll find similar things everywhere you look, but some things have greater staying power than others. Take the pen, for example: The Prism Tornado Fountain Pen by Retro 51 is a great gift choice. It’s loaded with character and personality that is sure to rub off in your writing. The barrel and lid sport a confetti-like pattern of beautiful colors accented in shiny chrome.

Writing with a fountain pen is a unique pleasure, and this durable piece will ensure you can enjoy that experience for a long time to come. You would expect to spend much more for a quality fountain pen, but this beauty is only $55.00.


Sometimes it’s fun to give a bigger gift—something that makes a statement. The durable Franklin Laptop Bag boasts a genuine pebbled leather exterior, and durable, padded nylon interior—giving your laptop years of protection and style. Large zippers with black metal pulls and accents add just the right touch of style and strength, and the intelligent design inside will ensure you and your favorite things are never separated. Measures: 16.25” W x 13” H x 4.75” D                       $75.98

If a laptop bag isn’t her thing, check out the Malone Tote by Matt and Nat. This retro, doctor-style handbag is made of 100% eco-friendly materials. It can be carried as a shoulder bag or worn crossbody with its removable shoulder strap. The Malone features a zippered frame closure, a slit pocket in the back for your phone, and clever styling. Measures: 14″ W x 9.5″ H x 3.25″ D              $137.95

64815_lrgcaseProtect your plans with the beauty of soft, genuine leather. The Macaroon Binder is loaded with interior organization for your pen, cards, and ID, but it’s the quilted leather exterior that makes it stand out. You’ll appreciate the padded feel in your hands and the pop of instant style it adds to any wardrobe.

64345_lrgcaseThe Pippa Wire-bound Cover has won our unofficial Photographer’s Choice award for its striking contrasts, solid design, and attention to the finest details. Its rich, genuine leather inside and out add a comfortable touch and provide the ideal place for your plans, notepad, pen and important cards. A snap closure keeps it all intact.
Measures: 7.125” W x 9.75” H x 0.75” D                  $84.95

65190_lrgcaseMore time is better than more things. Help them find the open hours in their day with our time-test planning system. In honor of our 30th anniversary, we’ve re-created our top-selling Original planner in six distinct colors. Let them coordinate their planner with their favorite binder style for a look that’s all their own. This beautiful planner, with our patented ABC, 123 Prioritized Daily Task List, will help them focus on their most important tasks each day so they can reach their long-term goals.

If you’re still struggling to find the ideal gift for your family, consider using your planner to create a holiday they’ll remember. Forego the big gifts and surprise them with travel gear, an itinerary, and tickets under the tree. It will require some planning, but it will be incredibly rewarding. Start planning today for an early spring visit to The Grand Canyon, Disneyland, or Hawaii (budget permitting, of course). You’ll find great luggage options and travel gear at Some gifts are short-lived. Why not give them memories to cherish that will last a lifetime?

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