Five Ways a Planner Will Help You in 2014

Why use a planner? Here are five good reasons:


  1. Keeping track of your future appointments

    Each planner features both a portable monthly calendar and daily or weekly space for writing down your appointments. Having this information with you helps you avoid double booking–you can schedule your next dental visit for six months and know that it won’t conflict with your yearly physical.

  2. Keeping a record of your past

    Life is busy. With everything that you have to remember in the future, it can be easy to forget past events, like immunization dates or warranty start dates for big purchases. With a planner saved in a Storage Case and Sleeve, you have a written record that tells you the exact day that these events happened.

  3. Following a timeline for your goals

    Let’s say that your resolution for 2014 is to become more physically fit. With a planner, you can write down your lift weights, running times, and workout plans for each day. A couple of months from now, when you’re tempted to think that you’re not making any progress toward your goals, you’ll be able to see the real results in your planner. This can give you both the confidence to continue and the information you need to adjust your plans and accomplish your goal.

  4. Pre-event preparation

    Whether it’s finishing a project before finals week or sending the invitations out for a birthday party, a successful event takes more preparation than a night-before scramble. As you plan events next year, you can write down each necessary step in your planner, for a daily reminder of what needs to be done.

  5. Inspiration and recollection

    With life’s ups and downs, it’s important to have some perspective in your life. From inspiring daily quotes to insights from the inspiring 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to fun music trivia, your planner can enrich your mind as it helps you accomplish your goals. And when your life hits a rough patch, it can be a reminder of your past successes, helping you pick yourself back up and keep reaching for the best your life has to offer.

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