Franklin Planner System – Introduction & Review

Franklin Planner System

Have you only recently heard of the Franklin Planner System? Have you been a seasoned planner for many years? Somewhere in between? Whether as an introduction or a review, here’s a brief overview of our company, our purpose, our core products, and how we can assist YOU to achieve what matters most. 

When Hyrum W. Smith developed the first Franklin Planner, he based it on the planning habits of Benjamin Franklin himself. Franklin had a list of 13 virtues that he held dear—values that he wanted to improve upon throughout his life. He carried a small black book with him each day in which he recorded the weather, his daily activities, and the virtue he was working to improve. After reading Franklin’s biography, Hyrum decided to implement similar practices in his own life. He researched other great thinkers, both modern and ancient, and came up with a planning system he called the Franklin Planner. Paramount among these ideals are the principles of identifying what matters most to you and making plans to focus your time and effort toward those endeavors. Your Franklin Planner is a time-tested tool to help you think clearly, plan your time well, and ensure that you end each day with a sense of inner peace and accomplishment.

If you’ve never tried the Franklin Planner system before, the best place to start is through our training programs. This is where you’ll learn key principles that will help you control your time and make the most of your planner—including the Time Matrix, Productivity Pyramid, scheduling Big Rocks, identifying your governing values, and more.

Once you understand the principles behind the system, it’s time to put them into action. The 21-Day Planner is a great catalyst for change. It’s a small, three month planner that includes great reminders to help you determine the most effective use of your time. It also offers a weekly and daily format so you can decide which works best for you. 

When you’ve identified how you like to plan, it’s time to pick out a six month or yearly planner that will help you solidify your new habit. Find tips about what planners will fit with your day-to-day lifestyle here. Once you’ve decided on a planner, add forms, tabs, and accessories to personalize your planning. Complete the ensemble with a binder to carry and protect these important pages.

Planning is about far more than managing your calendar or schedule; it’s about creating the life you want to lead. It’s designed to help you become who you hope to be. What makes us truly unique is the process of helping you determine and implement the things that matter most to you. Our proven planner system has been around since 1983 and has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to achieve what matters most in their lives.

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  1. Be fair, the Original Planner it’s not all that different to the Daytimer, which Byron and Charles Hobbs used when they worked together pre-FranklinQuest. But I think the 7 Habits planner is a beauty, as is the use of a Compass Card for 7 Habits planning.

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