Franklin Planner Training – How to Use Our Time-Proven System

Franklin Planner Training - How to Use Our Time-Proven System

Planning is about far more than managing your schedule; it’s about creating the life you want to lead. Your Franklin Planner is meant to be more than just a planner. They’re designed to help you become who you hope to be. That includes your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. What makes us truly unique is our process; it helps you determine and implement the things that matter most to you. Our proven planner system has been around since 1983 and has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to achieve what matters most in their lives.

The Franklin Planner system prides itself on simplicity and scalability. It can be used at any stage of life, and in any arena (business, home, service, etc.) to achieve maximum results. The basic element of time is an event. We each mark various time periods of our lives by the events that took place – grade school, high school, competitions, military service, college, your first job, and so forth. In order to make the most of your time, you’ll want to focus on the events that matter most to you. The key to managing time is controlling events! The key to controlling events is understanding which events are within your control. Learn about the Time Matrix, Productivity Pyramid, scheduling Big Rocks, identifying your governing values, and more through our training programs.

Our training is available in a few different formats in order to fit any learning style – whether you learn best through writing, listening, watching, or doing. It is designed to be beneficial to everyone, to get you started or as a refresher course, in accomplishing your goals.

    • 21 Day Planner: This tool was designed to help you discover your preferred planning style, whether it be 2 pages per day, monthly, or something in between, with a condensed written training introduction. Use the 21 Day Planner for 3 weeks to kick start your system, test planning before you commit to buying a planner, or hone your focus on a specific goal and track your progress to completion.
    • Training Course: A self-guided in-depth course to be completed at your own pace. Become a certified planner of your own life. This is also a great review to renew your current planning system and get some ideas for adjustments you can make to increase productivity.
    • Planner Training Videos: Sit in on a fun class environment where you’ll learn from a master planner and teacher the why, how, when, where, and what of planning. Enjoy stories and examples, and get excited about how you can take control of your future.

We recommend using all of these training resources to immerse yourself quickly in the Franklin Planner system of success. There’s no cost, and we encourage you to move at your own pace, stop when needed, and pick up where you left off. This training will enable you to decipher and decide what you truly care about, so you can press forward with confidence and reach your ultimate goals.

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  1. I have used the Franklin Planner system since 1990 and have had nothing but success throughout my professional and personal life. I know that using the FP system has helped me in every way of my life. Now at 65 years old, it is a much needed piece of my daily routine.

  2. I am getting back to my Franklin after being out of the military. I have purchased a planner for my son in the military who swears by it also and now I am mentioning it to my new boss and I purchased him one. Thanks for the free classes that I can work at my pace.

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