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FranklinPlanner 30th Anniversary


FranklinPlanner is celebrating its

30th Anniversary

We are excited to share how FranklinPlanner has helped millions of people accomplish their goals.  We invite you to share how the planner has helped you – maybe you planned a wedding, a vacation, or even a special anniversary event.  Perhaps you used your planner to research and capture that dream job. We want to celebrate your success as part of our year-long anniversary.

Share your story, and if we feature it, you’ll receive a $100 E-Gift Card for our sites.

The FranklinPlanner team will be reviewing stories on a regular basis and will contact you if your story has been picked as a feature winner.




If your story is picked, we will contact you via the email provided to gather additional information about you and your story. Your story will be used for marketing purposes, and may be featured in a catalog, email, banner, social media, etc.

4 Replies to “FranklinPlanner 30th Anniversary”

  1. I love getting new Franklin products each year, it\’s a fresh start to try and recapture the \”new year\” feelings and try and begin again to become organized about my schedule, my family, my goals.

  2. Prior to my retirement, I was jokingly titled \”The Planner Kid\” because I ALWAYS carried/used my Franklin Day Planner wherever I went/whatever I did. I once gave a legal deposition where my Planner notes were used to verify facts involving a lawsuit — which I had diligently written in my daily notes. My testimony on that occasion became the only reliable data available — and won the case! THANK YOU, FP… .

  3. 30 years ago in 1984, my wife Anita & I both started using Franklin Planners the first year they were introduced. She loves the smaller Classic size, and I prefer the larger Monarch size.
    10 years later in 1994, we created 2 inserts that helped transform our Franklin Planners into \”business power tools\” for us & thousands of other self-employed & small biz entrepreneurs across the USA & Canada: \”Tax MiniMiser\” & \”People Plan-It\”. These help keep track of & organize the \”Big 3\” areas of our busy business lives: TIME, PEOPLE, & MONEY. They do the same for our busy personal lives. For many years, people have told us they would go back to using a planner, or start using a planner for the first time, if it was set up \”simple & easy-to-use\” like ours. We\’re hoping Franklin will give us the chance to do exactly that, by introducing a newly designed \”Franklin Freedom Planner\” in 2015 or 2016?

  4. i began using the franklinquest day plannerin 1990. i experienced a stroke following a caroidendarectomy in 1993 . i spent a few days in icu and 30 days in the hospital followed by 30 days in an acute reb facility my wife allowed me to take my devive to rehaband the device saved my sanity
    stroke survivirs, including myself tend to be dis oriented post stroke the franklin day planner kept me
    groundedand orientedduring my rehab experience. i journaled keepping up with my progress and was able to keep track of the days and plans i had when i returned to my home and to the banking business. my wife was adament and refused to allow me to have the devive in icu but thankfully saklklowed me to take the planner to rehab the planner helped to keep me grounded and oriented, sane and optimistic.

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