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Get Organized for School Success

The more you advance in school, the more complicated it gets. By the time you reach high school and college, there are due dates to remember, 63983_lrgcaseevents to keep track of, and lectures to attend. Keeping your school life organized is the key to high achievement.

  • Plan Ahead: In college, each course hands out a syllabus at the beginning of the semester, complete with all the due dates, assignment information, and test days. Mark any projects, midterms, and final exams on your wall calendar, and set aside time in your schedule for each assignment.
  • Stay Ahead: By nature, schoolwork should stretch your mind and challenge your ideas. If your workload seems to be getting you down, schedule meetings with your teachers or professors and ask for their advice. You may also need to add extra study time to your routine.
  • Stay Engaged: During class time, avoid the temptation to multitask. Put your phone down and take notes on each small detail of what the professor or teacher is saying. Putting your notes together will give you a second run through of the material, and help solidify it in your mind.
  • Cover the Physical Aspects: If you’re sleepy, hungry, or sick, you’ll find that your attention span suffers. Eat a good meal before any early or late classes you may have to give your brain the energy it needs. Getting enough sleep helps you keep awake during lectures, and also helps keep you from getting sick.



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