Getting Along With Roommates

College dorm life is great until you’ve lived it for a semester or two. It doesn’t take long to realize that the friends you’re sharing your space with might not have the same habits as you. They won’t clean the toilet or wash the dishes. It’s easy to get annoyed, but remember, chances are good you’ve bothered someone a time or two. It pays to be patient.

COMPACT 365 RING-BOUND UNDATED PLANNER BY FRANKLINCOVEYI once had a roommate who was sick of the rest of us not cleaning the kitchen after ourselves, so he wrote, “Your mother doesn’t live here” on the kitchen cabinets in permanent marker. (He thought he’d grabbed a wet-erase…oops!) Who do you think was the annoying one now? That damage was going to have to come out of all of our pocket books.

A good way to get around the hassles of sharing space and responsibility is to assign different chores to different people on different days of the week. To ensure nobody feels like they’re stuck with the worst job, be sure the jobs rotate so that everyone gets an equal chance to do each job. Write these assignments in your planner and on your wall calendar. Now if a chore gets missed you know exactly who to ask to do it. Hopefully it isn’t you too often

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