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Give Value, then Give Order

The Prioritized Daily Task List is one of the key elements of your FranklinPlanner. As you use it, you can help keep your most important values foremost in your mind throughout the day.  It starts with prioritizing your tasks into categories with letter designations:

  • A: these tasks are critical to do today. Important work projects, booking the reception center for a family wedding, reserving a restaurant time for a date with Ms. Right—these activities are time-sensitive and potentially life-changing.
  • B: these tasks are important, but with a more flexible schedule than the A tasks. You can reschedule, but doing so too often will burden your schedule in the future.
  • C: these are the extra tasks that round out your day, such as beginning the novel a co-worker recommended. They aren’t essential, but can serve as reminders of more fulfilling uses for your downtime.

Once you’ve marked each task with a priority, you can go back and order them with a number next to each letter. Then you can start your day with A1, complete your A tasks, and continue as time allows.

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