Giving Meaningful Gifts

Giving Meaningful Gifts

Nothing can put a dent in your holiday spirit faster than spending hours in long lines at the store or scanning websites trying to find the perfect gift. Even worse is to later give that gift  to the recipient and have them look only mildly pleased. What if there were an art to picking out something  that had more to do with the person’s soul instead of a hefty price tag? Consider these strategies for choosing meaningful gifts.

Give what they ask for. This may seem basic to some, but it’s always best to get exactly what people have told you they wanted instead of trying to get something extravagant. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that gift recipients are more appreciative of gifts they ask for than those they do not. Jot it down in your planner or on a gift list, and keep your eyes open for that perfect and thoughtful gift. It’s even better if you can remember something they casually mentioned wanting months ago and surprise them with how well you listened and remembered. So forget about what you think they want and get them what they have specifically asked for.

Keep It Simple. In the spirit of love, we might go big instead of thinking of what really makes the person happy. This year, think practical. For example, if your hubby is a movie buff, don’t feel the need to get him the biggest, newest TV. Instead, get him a year’s subscription to Netflix and a selection of popcorn toppings. Many consider giving cash or gift cards impersonal, but this could save you some angst by allowing the receiver to choose what they want. If you’re having trouble thinking of something, go for a tasty treat! After all, the fastest way to someone’s heart is often through their stomach.

Give an experience. There’s no more meaningful way to honor someone than by treating them to an experience that reflects who they are – their personality, favorite hobby, bucket list wish, or a skill they’d like to learn. We tend to remember great experiences more than we remember items. A cooking workshop, wine tasting event, concert, or writing class are all examples of fun and meaningful experiences. And remember, they are considered a ‘loved one’ for a reason. An experience you have together takes memories and good times to a whole new level. Experiences are also typically more eco-friendly than stuff, they support the local economy, and are more effective mood boosters than an object.

Still unsure of what to get someone? Check out our holiday gift guide to find the perfect planning set for everyone on your list! A Franklin Planner is a thoughtful and tangible gift of increased order and improved control over their most important asset – time. You can also use our downloadable gift giving list below. Keep it with you throughout the season to add gift ideas and check them off as you go.

Holiday Gift List Pocket Size: PDF

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Holiday Gift Giving List

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