How to Use the Goal Planning Form

The intention of the Goal Planning Form form is to help you map out your goals and create a plan for achieving them. Make the big lofty goal attainable by having a visual plan to accomplish what it is that you want. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


Value/Mission/Role (why?) РThis is your why and your motivation for wanting to set this goal in the first place. Review your values, mission, and roles, and choose what is driving you to accomplish this goal.

Governing Values – your highest priorities

Mission – your unique purpose

Roles – your key relationships and responsibilities

Goal (what?/when?) – Define what the actual goal is and what deadline you are giving yourself. If you associate a timeline with your goal, it will make it easier to break down into smaller chunks.

Steps (how?) and Deadlines – How are you going to accomplish this goal? Use this space to break your goal down into smaller “bite-size” pieces. What will this goal look like on a weekly basis? And on a daily basis? Set some deadlines for each step. Once you have the timeline written out, write these same deadlines in your planner on the day each task is to be done. It may also be helpful to write other reminders before the deadline happens to keep the goal fresh on your mind.

The Productivity Pyramid – This is a reminder to incorporate your goal into each step of the pyramid.

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