Going Vertical

By Naomi Cook

Ah …college graduation time – no more classes, no more books! I remember what a great time in life that was – no obligations (for the moment, anyway) and lots of celebration! Plus, I was finally able to check out of that cramped concrete cube that was my bedroom, closet, office, living room and kitchen all rolled up into one! Add in a roommate and I think to myself now, “How did I ever survive?!”

Wherever you live now, when it comes to organization, go back to thinking like a college student. Floor space is limited, but as the typical ceiling height of most rooms is 8 feet (at least!) take a look at all of the available wall space in your home.

Yes, walls aren’t just for artwork and tiny shelves holding grandma’s knick knacks…they are valuable real estate in any home. One of the first things I bought for my apartment after college was a 6 foot by 6 foot bookcase, which is divided up into 25 cubbies. It is still the best investment I ever made.

fpQT15K3The bookcase is now in my dining room and it has become invaluable for holding books and magazines, light bulbs, office supplies, and much more! Some of these items don’t need to be seen and are covered by 3 table runners to add visual interest and a pop of color. All that and it takes up barely any room!

Technology has helped tremendously and now laptops don’t require desks, unlike the big old desktop computers (a.k.a. beige dinosaurs!) of years ago. Stereo systems have been replaced by iPods, and tube televisions have given way to wall mounted flat screens. Here are some other inexpensive ideas for going vertical throughout your home:

Shelves are one of the simplest ways to go vertical. Use them for media in your living room, cookbooks in your kitchen and spare towels in the bathroom.

Hooks are another great idea, and these days you can find plenty to fit your style and color scheme. Use them to display your costume jewelry and handbags in the bedroom, mugs in the kitchen and hair dryer in the bathroom.

Door Organizers are perhaps my favorite way to go vertical. Without any need for power tools, you can slip them right over a door! Use ones with pockets for belts and shoes in the bedroom and small items in the pantry and bathroom. Use ones with hooks to set out your clothes for the next day in the bedroom and extra coats and umbrellas in a closet.

Whatever methods you choose, enjoy your home and design it as a reflection of you…and for goodness sake please throw away that blacklight poster!


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