Gussy Up Your Guest Room

By Naomi Cook

You may have seen or read about Kmart’s latest commercial for the holidays…no, not for Halloween, but for Christmas!  Airing in Mid-September, it touts that now is the best time to start buying those holiday gifts through their layaway program.

Taking their cue, let’s talk about getting your home ready for those overnight guests that will most likely be starting to arrive around Thanksgiving.  You have the time now to get that guest room ready and not be rushing around.  Perhaps your guest room performs multiple duties as an office, an extra closet and general catch-all area for things that you don’t know what to do with at the time!  Take a bit of time each week to get things cleared out and organized and you’re guest room will be sitting pretty, just waiting for that first guest to arrive.

Don’t worry about perfection; just consider the needs of your guests and follow the 4 easy steps below:

Clear the surfaces – If you have a dresser in the guest room, take off all of the tchotchkes and either store them temporarily away in one of the drawers, or consider if any of them can be donated.  Go through the drawers as well; keeping a drawer or two empty for your guests, keeping their pajamas and socks in mind.  If you have a desk in the guest room, gather up your papers and file them or if they are no longer needed, shred them.

Clear the closet – As this may be a space for storing clothes overflowing from your main closet, take a close look at these items and figure out if you really wear them anymore.  By parting with some pieces, you will automatically have left some inches on the closet rod for your guests to hang their dressier items.

Clear the bed – Of course your guests will need a place to sleep, so take everything off of the bed.  If there are items like boxes from small appliances that were just tossed in the room, break them down and put them in the recycling bin.  For everything else, take the items to the room that they belong in.  Of course you will want to wash the sheets and blankets too!

Clear the floor – Pick up anything that has landed on the floor like grocery bags or paper clips and give it a good sweeping or run with the vacuum.

Now that wasn’t too hard was it?  Finish the room off with a nice basket including sets of rolled up towels, travel size toiletries like shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste and leave a mint on the pillow!   Offering turn down service is up to you!


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