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Hello Muddah Hello Fadduh!

By Naomi Cook

Perhaps you’ve heard of this song before.  If not you definitely should!  It’s one of those fun summertime songs that actually won a 1964 Grammy Award for comedy.  The gist of the song is a kid writing a letter home to his parents about his time at overnight camp.

This reminds me of the years that I spent at my overnight camp.  The bunk beds, the bug juice and time spent in the infirmary after bee stings and mosquito bites!  Plus the gong which my camp used to announce wake up time, lights out time and meal time.  I also remember my mom sewing my name in my clothes or writing on the tags with a laundry pen.

Maybe it’s time for your own child to head off for his or her first year.  Just like getting a student ready for college in the fall, there are lots of things for you to prepare for your camper.  Come to think of it, just like a college dorm room, camp quarters are really small and you have to be creative when it comes to storage.

Here are some space-saving suggestions to try:

  • Trunk – A good space to store extra sheets and towels, as well as heavier sweatshirts and jackets for cooler evenings.   It can also house snacks and a stash of cash for the canteen or snack stand, for when the dining hall food stinks!
  • On the Bunk Frame – A clip-on fan for those hot nights and a clip-on light for digging into a great book late at night after lights out!
  • Care Package Boxes – Check the height of the rise underneath the lower bunk bed when you drop your camper off.  Aim to send care packages in boxes that will fit underneath.  Those boxes can then be used to store projects that there is no room for elsewhere in the bunk.   If there is a visitor’s day midway through the summer, you can bring them those items back home with you and the boxes can be filled once again.
  • Bathroom Caddy – Just like you would for college, stash bath essentials like shampoo and conditioner and soap in a caddy to keep them contained…and don’t forget the flip flops for the shower floor!
  • Bunk Wall – Pack some rolls of  removable poster tape for your campers to hang up posters, post cards and pictures.  Without pictures in frames, more space is made for clothes and other essentials.
  • Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes – These are good for storing supplies like stationary, postcards, stamps and pens used to write all of those letters home!
  • Finally, if room allows on the main bunk door, use an over the door shoe holder for the campers to stash smaller items like flashlights, sunglasses, bug spray, sunscreen, water bottles and anything else for on the go!

Get your campers as organized as they can be so that they can spend the summer enjoying themselves and their camp experience and share that with you just like the kid in the song!  Happy Summer everyone!

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