Introducing our NEW HerStory Planner

History is filled with amazing people who have done extraordinary things. We can name several of these people: Sir Isaac Newton, Johannes Gutenberg, George Washington Carver, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi; the list could go for miles. Often overlooked in the discussion of historical achievements is the role women have played over the years.

Our new HerStory Planner creatively celebrates the lives and achievements of several women throughout history—or should we call it herstory? Monthly tabs highlight twelve iconic women, along with brief biographical information showcasing some of their contributions.

A simple one-page-per-day layout offers space for your schedule, to-dos, and notes. Another unique feature of the HerStory Planner is our section for your top three of the day. This is a place to note the three things that you plan to focus on during the day. It could be anything from important tasks, to habits, to loved ones, or even maintaining a positive attitude.



Daily planning pages feature simple designs that correlate with the featured woman of the month. HerStory is a great reminder of the power that women wield throughout the world to effect positive change.



Contemporary illustrations throughout the planner showcase the talents of Nina Cosford. We commissioned Nina to add her unique touch to this female-focused planner. We love how her simple, expressive style showcases the power and determination that marked these women’s lives. Nina Cosford is a freelance illustrator living and working in the Southeast of England. Often focusing on female narratives, her work incorporates a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, relatability, and a playfully honest depiction of her everyday thoughts and observations. She loves to travel and has an ever-growing collection of journals on her shelf, in which she writes and draws each time she jets off.



Pick up a HerStory Planner today and start celebrating the power of women throughout the world. HerStory is available as a Classic-sized planner in ring-bound or wire-bound. Wire-bound planners have collated monthly tabs.

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