Holiday Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

To Do Pad by Knock KnockWhen you plan a holiday party, you come face to face with one of the greatest stress-inducing situations of the holidays. You’re not just responsible for your own enjoyment, but also the experience of all your guests. Consider these ideas for being an effective and gracious host or hostess:

  • Remain Calm – planning a party can involve a lot of effort, so take the time to schedule out each step. Your guests will sense if you’re frazzled, and might feel guilty for causing you extra trouble.
  • Make A List – setting out all the steps to complete will help you keep on track and avoid last-minute surprises.
  • Make Clear Invitations – include all necessary information, like the date, time, venue, whether the dress is casual or formal, and whether or not kids or dates are invited.
  • Cook Food Beforehand – if you’re working in the kitchen, you’re not enjoying the party with your guests. Select meals that don’t require intense preparation: soups, stews, and even some frozen dishes work well and won’t keep you tied down in the kitchen.
  • Focus On Your Guests – throughout the party, keep an eye out for guests with an empty drink or guests standing by themselves. Making the effort to include them in the conversation can help them enjoy the night.

What if you’re attending a party? Here are some tips for being a polite guest:

  • Bring A Gift – the host or hostess worked hard to put together this get-together. Show your appreciation with a small gift.
  • Communicate – if your babysitter cancels on you at the last minute, call and let your host or hostess know that your significant other will be staying home with the kids. Communicating changes helps everyone plan better and avoids hard feelings.
  • Plan For Your Dietary Needs – if you follow a special diet, such as vegetarian or gluten free, offer to bring your own dish to the party. This takes pressure off the host or hostess and makes sure that you won’t go hungry.

Enjoy the festivities!



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