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How to Choose the Perfect Planner in 2015

No two people are alike. You have a unique combination of family situation, job description, age, gender, location, industry, and hundreds of other factors. Picking the right binding, size, design, and format for your planner makes all the difference.


Select Your Binding: Do you value customization? If so, then selecting a ring-bound planner lets you add a wide selection of forms, tabs, and other extras to your planning system. You can house your ring-bound planner in a durable and stylish binder to keep your plans, cards, and important documents safe in one convenient place. Wire-bound planners offer a convenient, focused, and economical choice for your planning system, and fit into our line of designer wire-bound covers.

Select Your Size: Before selecting a size, determine where, when, and how you use your planner. If you’re a world traveler with a tight itinerary, the lighter Pocket size may be a better choice for luggage weight limits. Pocket and Classic provide more space, but remain portable in your bag. And if you need even more space for your extensive notes, then Monarch is the size for you.

sizing graphicSelect a Design and Format: Our Original Ring-bound Daily Planner started it all, giving you a Prioritized Daily Task List, space for appointments, and a big page for notes to help you plan out each day. Over the years, we’ve added new designs, from the floral Blooms to the insightful 7 Habits.

planner options 3If you don’t need a full two pages for each day, you can also choose from our selection of Weekly Planners. With a smaller space to plan out each day of the week, these planners are lighter in size without skimping on organization. Check out our photographic Textures to the scrapbook-inspired FC Studio.

Whatever your life holds, has the right planner for you!

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  1. I wish the 6 month planning notebooks came in looseleaf. I also wish that the Monarch had smaller line spacing so you could actually get more on the page than a classic. I would also like to see a 24 hr appointment schedule or at least one with earlier morning hours. Finally, for the first time in twenty years I have two monthly tabs that have already tore–it only the first week on January! This has never happened in the past, do not drop quality. Month on 2 pages is a must. A binder with a secretarial pocket is a must. Ring bound is the only way to keep up with my families constantly changing life.

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