How to Choose the Planner for You

Every FranklinPlanner is designed to help organize your life, but they’re also designed with different personalities and planning styles in mind. To get the most out of your planning sessions, it pays to have the planner best suited for you. So, how do you do that? Consider the following four elements of a planner:

2 Replies to “How to Choose the Planner for You”

  1. This has been super helpful in helping me decide which one to use. Thank you for taking the time to create this in a quality and easy-to-understand way as well.

  2. I appreciate the detailed training this provides. I am Vice President of Membership for my Toastmasters Club in West Palm Beach, FL. I am also a Certified Franklin Planner. I help my members by passion all the ideas from Franklin Covey. Thank you!

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