How to Clean Your Leather Binder

When you purchase a new binder for your planner, you’re making an investment in your future. A regular regimen of leather cleaning and conditioning can help extend the lifetime of your leather binder while keeping it beautiful.

For leather care, we recommend Apple Brand leather cleaning products. Formulated to protect leather items from spotting, these cleaners work better than common household solutions.

Apple Care Product

1. Examine your binder for trouble spots, both on the inside and the exterior. Note any water spots, scratches, flecks, or other trouble spots.

open before

2. Squeeze a small amount of leather cleaner onto a cleaning cloth.

solution on cloth

3. Spot test a small, inconspicuous area, such as the inside of the closure strap. It is normal to see some color on your cleaning cloth, especially if your binder has been well-worn. Rub the formula on lightly and avoid applying lots of pressure. If you notice a significant difference in color on the binder itself, stop cleaning.

start in a small spot

4. If the spot test is successful, wipe the leather surfaces of your binder with a light application. Don’t forget to clean in pockets and slots, and around the edges of straps. Tough stains may take repeated applications of cleaner.

dab on back

get pockets too

5. Let the product dry between cleanings.

6. Once the binder is clean, apply leather care conditioning solution to your cloth and repeat the process to add new shine.

conditioner next

shine outside


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For best results, pre-treat your binder soon after purchasing it. Its formula makes it easier to clean and condition your binder later on. Conditioning your binder regularly will help keep it looking its best. This process also works well for leather bags, cases, and clothing. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s warnings before you use any kind of cleaner on your leather products.

If your binder is already showing some wear, dirt, or stains, you can brush it off with a soft brush and then clean it with leather cleaning products.

Here are some additional tips to keep your binder in top shape:

– Let it Breathe: keep leather binders and bags out of plastic bags or other non-porous wrappings. If you’re tempted to throw your binder in your gym bag, leave the zipper open just a bit.

– Dry Naturally: if your binder happens to get wet, let it air-dry naturally away from any source of heat.

– Control Humidity: if your leather is exposed to high humidity, it runs the chance of growing mildew. If you live in a dry environment, remember to condition your leather to keep it from cracking.

*Before cleaning and conditioning your binder read and follow all guidelines in the package instructions.

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  1. I clean my leather binder with a little bit alcohol and of course cotton. Thanks a lot for sharing these methods here! I like the ideas a lot and I will try them for sure! Emerson Park Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

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