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How to Have a Happier Holiday

What to do in the next three months to have a happier holiday.

So much about the holidays revolves around good feelings – the warmth of giving a gift, the joy of spending time with family during Thanksgiving, the rekindled wonder of watching a small child’s excitement. At least, that’s how we’d like the holidays to be. If you start preparing for them now, you can minimize the irritations and spend more time enjoying the joys of the season.

  • Stock up on Supplies: the holidays are a time when we emerge from our digital world and send physical things to each other. Stock up on wrapping paper, tape, ribbon postage stamps, boxes, and tags before the big season, and you won’t spend the week before the holiday picking over ugly patterns in the bargain bin.
  • Make Your Gift List Now: Start asking yourself the big questions for your holiday gift-giving:
    • Who? List out all the people who need gifts.Party Favor on Dinner Table
    • What? Brainstorm fun ideas for each person, or at the very least, decide on a price range.
    • Where? Once you have a list of the presents you need, you can consolidate trips – a single trip to the toy store for all the toys on your list, a single visit to the family of sites for the planning, family, decorating, and tech accessories.
    • Lock in Your Travel: A lot goes into a holiday trip. Download the Holiday Travel Planning Checklist, and plan out your itinerary, transportation, budget, and more before heading out.
    • Shop on the Right Days: the quietest shopping days during December are Tuesdays and Wednesdays – you won’t run into weekend crowds or Sunday ad shoppers. Or you can skip the crowds altogether and shop online.
    • Tip Generously: Make the holidays special for those who serve you – tip your trash collectors, doorman, hairdresser, and letter carriers for a job well done all year long.

Getting these holiday items on your radar now will help you plan, and face these challenges with confidence.

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