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How to Integrate Roles into Your Tasks

artistAn old Gaelic phrase often attributed to William Shakespeare states, “What e’er thou art, act well thy part.” It’s good advice—to do your best in all your endeavors. But in order to fully follow this sage advice, you must first know what you are.

You are much more than what you do. If you’re an accountant, you are a financial manager—but you’re more than that. You may also be an athlete, a musician, an outdoor enthusiast, a son or daughter, a husband or wife, a father or mother, a friend, a teacher, a gardener, a caretaker, or an aspiring artist. In fact, you likely play many of those roles and more each day.

Most of us aren’t perfect actors in any of the roles we play—even the areas where we feel strong have room for improvement. None of us would dare say we’ve mastered the roles that are most important to us. There is no perfect communicator, no perfect friend, no perfect artist, and certainly no perfect parent. Yet, we can act well by simply pressing forward and doing all we can within our abilities.

Now and then we all have a day where things seem to click for us. We have a productive day at work, we connect with our parents, we send a sibling a thoughtful card, we help prepare a wonderful meal, and have a meaningful talk with our teenager. Those are the days when we fall into bed tired and satisfied. We may still have a few dishes in the sink, but we can rest easily knowing that we had a meaningful impact on the things that mattered most to us. Those are good days. You can create more of those good days by simply focusing on the roles that matter most to you.

Make a List

Take some time today and write down all the roles you play. You’ll be surprised at how long your list will become. Keep that list in your planner so you can add to it and refer to it often.

Determine Which Roles are Most Important

Read through your list and decide which of those roles matter the very most to you. Mark these roles with an asterisk, a star, or even with an ‘A.’ You’ll find that those ‘A’ roles make up the core of who and what you are.

Include Your Roles in Your Planning

As you plan each week, consider the roles you play and add tasks to your Prioritized Daily Task Lists that allow you to act well within those roles. Over time, you’ll define not only your roles, but also your part within each of them.

Use a Weekly Compass® Card

Your Starter Pack includes a set of Weekly Compass® Cards that fit perfectly inside your Pouch Pagefinder. You’ll notice that these cards include a place for you to note the roles you wish to focus on each week with room to write goals and tasks associated with each. This powerful tool allows you to focus on what you are and enables you to act your parts well, even while the world around you is crazy and hectic.

None of us are perfect, even with the best tools. But taking time regularly to focus on the roles you play will help keep you moving in the right direction. You’ll have a much better idea as to who and what you are, and you’ll sharpen your focus on those things. After all, the joy you feel today will have little to do with the circumstances you face, and everything to do with the focus you give to the things that matter most to you.

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