How to Pick a Planner for 2017

With two months left to go in 2016, it’s time to order a new planner for 2017. It’s easy to stick with the same planner you used this year, but now and then it’s fun to change things up a bit. At, we’re always developing new ways to plan, from the free-form Dot Grid Planner to the fun and relaxing Living Color Planner.

Which planning system is right for you? Here are a few things to consider:


Consider your needs when you make your decision. How often do you use your planner? A two-page-per day planner is ideal if you have several meetings and appointments each day. They offer a page for notes, and plenty of room for your daily tasks.

A one-page-per-day planner has the planning features of a two-page-per-day planner, but the layout is smaller, with a half page for notes.

If your schedule revolves around projects and you have fewer tasks to track each day, a weekly planner is the perfect solution. You can see the whole week at a glance and track progress on each of your projects.

Some of our planners have a very structured layout—providing space for your Prioritized Daily Task List, Appointments, Notes, and a Daily Tracker. Other planners are more open, allowing you to decide what you want to focus on each day. While browsing your planner options, consider how much structure you require to be effective each day and choose a planner that fits your lifestyle.

If you let your personality, your planning habits, and your schedule influence your decision, you’ll end up with the ideal planner format.


We’ve written several posts regarding the appropriate size of your planner. If you are wondering which size is best for you, just consider: 1) how portable you would like your planner to be, and 2) the amount of space you will need for writing.

  • Pocket-sized planners are our most portable planners, measuring 3.5” x 6”. While lightweight and convenient, they don’t have as much writing space as our other planners.
  • Compact-sized planners come in many different designs, and coordinate with some of our most luxurious binders. Compact planners measure 4.25” W x 6.75” H.
  • Classic-sized planners come in our full range of designs, including favorites like
    5 Choices and Flora. Classic planners measure 5.5” W x 8.5” H.
  • Monarch-sized planners are our largest format, measuring 8.5” W x 11” H. Available in several of our long-time favorite designs, they’re great for those who like to write large and require a lot of space.

Wire-bound or Ring-bound

Your planner’s binding makes a difference. Ring-bound planners require a binder and wire-bound planners do not. The wire-bound planner is self-contained, letting you grab it and go. However, we also offer a variety of covers for wire-bound planners, letting you personalize and enhance your organization no matter which binding you choose.

Ring-bound planners offer a greater level of personalization. You can insert forms wherever you’d like, add additional notes pages, or simply hole-punch an item and place it in your planner. Because ring-bound planners require a binder, you also enjoy the added benefits of a binder; pen loops, a notebook slot, pockets, and a cardholder.

Discover New Planning Coordination

The planning lifestyle doesn’t end with planners. Pair a Wanderlust Planner with a set of inspiring Wanderlust Prints.  Grab a new Textures Pagefinder to match the new format and photography of your Textures Ring-bound Weekly Planner. Color-code your planner storage with our new selection of Storage Sleeves, designed to match our colored Storage Cases.

Whether you expand your horizons or stick with the tried and tested, one thing is certain: the first step to a successful 2017 is starting out with a Franklin Planner.

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