Inspiring Others

Inspiring Others

To inspire others is a transcendent goal that many would like to accomplish. History is full of inspirational people that have helped change the world, and whose impact continues to send ripples through the ages. When we see someone else achieve great things, it often ignites a fire within us to do something great as well. Inspiration is what gives us the power to change our lives for the better. But not everyone inspires others in a way that creates the positive outcome they desire. 

Stay Positive. A person who inspires others usually has a positive attitude and maintains high energy even when things are not going well. More importantly, they also encourage and inspire other people in accomplishing their goals. You can elevate the mood of those around you and help them believe that they can accomplish more than they thought possible.

Take Responsibility. If you make a mistake, take responsibility and learn from it. Don’t blame others for where you went wrong — this will only alienate the people around you. Even if no one has caught or noticed your mistake, you should still own up to it and make amends.

Practice What You Preach. To truly inspire others you must BE an inspiration! Do the work that you ask your employees and colleagues to do. If you want people to take action, show them how to do it first, and lead by example. You inspire others by being a role model with your words and actions.

Display a Passion. When you are genuinely passionate about your work, it will show in the way you talk about it and the way you do it—with excitement and enthusiasm! People enjoy working with others who display passion because it is contagious. They can see how you talk about your work and it makes them want to be around you more and a part of what you are doing.

There is no one-size-fits-all way of inspiring others. Each person is a unique individual and will have different things that motivate them. Your job as a potential mentor and inspiration, will be to find those things and implement them into your efforts. 

Where do you find inspiration? What do you find motivates others? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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