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Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Cleanup

If you’ve ever typed out notes during a rapid lecture and tried to adapt them for a paper later, you probably know how hard it can be to re-format everything to look nice. Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts, both common and obscure, that can help you dress up your notes for easy reading (replace CTRL with Command for Mac users):

CTRL + Z = Undo               CTRL + Y = Redo                CTRL + N = New Document

CTRL + X = Cut   CTRL + C = Copy                CTRL + V = Paste

CTRL + S = Save CTRL + SHIFT + S = Save As

Shift + F3 = Change Case: lower Initial ALL CAPS

CTRL + Backspace = Delete Previous Word

CTRL + Delete = Delete Following Word

CTRL + SHIFT + L = Bulleted List in MS Word (on a Mac, use the Command key)

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