Kitchen Ins-and-Outs

Few rooms in the house have more uses than the kitchen. It’s the room where you prepare food, reheat food, wash dishes, and store an incomparable amount of things – from fine china to food supplies to the assortment of rarely-used appliances on top of the fridge. Manage it all with some smart organization.

One of the biggest challenges in kitchen organization is finding the right slot for everything. Dishes, cups, and spice containers come in all shapes and sizes, and what’s more, you use them every day. Taking things out and putting them away day after day can lead to jumbled piles if the organization isn’t intuitive.

As you go through your kitchen cabinets, be sure to stack the frequently used items where you can reach them. Reserve higher shelves and the back of drawers for specialty dishes and utensils, like the gag gift egg separator that dispenses egg whites through a nose. Then you won’t have to disturb your organization to reach the tool you need.

Also, make sure that your silverware organizer fits both your drawer and your silverware. Leaving empty spaces to the side of your drawer leaves space for small utensils to get lost under the organizer, making it even more difficult to find things.

How have you tamed your kitchen?


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