Leaving For Vacation? What About The House?

Summer break is a great time for families. It’s a time when schedules open up, albeit with effort. The kids have fewer obligations and you can finally get out and do something together. But what about the house? Here are some suggestions to ensure your property is safe while you’re gone.

Get Help From Your Neighbors

Talk with your friends before you leave on vacation and ask them to keep an eye on your house. They can collect your mail and your newspaper so it doesn’t look like you’ve abandoned your property. Let them know if you’re going to have a house sitter or if you’ve asked someone to check on your pets, so they don’t call the police when they see your niece walk into your home.

House Sitters?

If you’re going to be gone a long time, a house sitter might be a good idea. If you have relatives who are looking for a place to stay for a short time, your home might be the ideal solution. But be sure whomever you invite into your home is trustworthy. You wouldn’t be the first person to regret your decision if you come home to a damaged house. You’ll improve your odds of returning to a beautiful home if you leave a list for the house sitter to help remind them of your expectations.

Pet Care

If you leave your pets at home, be sure you get a good sitter. Finding someone who will feed your dog is one thing. Finding someone who will feed him, clean up after him, and give him a good run is even better. Remember that your pets notice when the routine changes, and it can be disturbing for them. Try to keep things as routine as possible. You might even consider sending your pet to a pet hotel or pet boarding house. These can be costly, but they’re a great way to give your pets some extra attention while you’re away. Do your research and make sure your boarding house will do what they claim to do. Regardless of whom you ask to care for your pet, it helps to keep all your pet’s health records in one place so they can easily refer to it in an emergency.

Yard Care

It shouldn’t be hard to find a kid in your neighborhood who would like to earn a few extra dollars keeping your yard looking nice while you’re away. Tell them when you’d like the lawn mowed, when you water your grass and garden. If you have a sprinkler system, show them how to use it. And to be sure they do a fantastic job, pay them in advance and offer a bonus if you are impressed when you arrive back home.

Vacations are necessary. It helps to break away from your routine now and then and just breathe. It will be a lot easier to relax if you know things are okay at home. These suggestions should help you breathe easier when you’re away.

What are some things you do before you leave for vacation?


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