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Liza and Lucca Giveaway

A planner isn’t complete without a binder that shows a person’s sense of style and personality.

After announcing and highlighting some of our new and bright binders, we decided to share two of our favorites with two lucky people. The Lucca Binder and the Liza Binder are two covers that add sophistication and style to any planner.

Two lucky people will have the chance to win one of these two binders.

Lucca Ring-Bound Binder

Classic Size

This beautiful cover protects your plans from the elements and adds a trendy touch to your everyday style.  Made out of stamped PVC from Italy that looks like dyed denim with a metallic sheen, these creative covers will keep you impeccably organized with a pop of color.

43992_lrgcase43992_1lrgcaseLiza Wire-Bound Binder

Classic Size

The cover’s intricate crocodile pattern outside and the beautiful paisley interior add an upscale touch. The interior organization will keep you ahead of your day, with pockets for cards, ID, a notepad, and more while the zipper closure keeps it all intact.



The two winners will be announced Friday, June 20 in the afternoon. To enter simply comment on this blog post and share which planner style you prefer. Whether it’s Monticello, Playlist, or Retropop, these binders will compliment them all.

17 Replies to “Liza and Lucca Giveaway”

  1. Keeping all my notes in one place is still a priority for me. I love my planning pages and a new cover would be awesome.

  2. Franklin Planners make my daily priorities manageable. The older I get the more I depend on the planners to keep me on track. I prefer the Monticello style. Simplicity is better in my opinion.


  3. I\’m obsessed with my planner (I call it my \”brain annex\”)! I like the classic size Blooms one-page-per-day with the matching cut-away daily notes. I also print my own pages pretty often (customized weekly compass inserts, project planning pages, etc.)

  4. I\’ll admit I\’ve never used a wire bound planner, so if I win one if these, perhaps it will make a user out of me!! They are lovely.

  5. I love my planner, as my kids have gotten older I found myself using it more and more. I love the Monticello.

  6. I love a good ring bound planner, but I also like a zip up planner as well.. zip up for my purse and ring bound for the desk in my office 😀

  7. Blooms two-page-per-day for me. I may be retired, but I have a very busy and full life, and I couldn\’t possibly keep track of it all without my Franklin Planner!

  8. My planner is an extension of me….so I never leave home without it. I prefer ring bound, but would be open to trying a spiral bound planner if given the chance. I love the Her POV monthly and daily inserts and I also love the simplicity of the Original monthly and daily inserts!

  9. A new binder would be fabulous! I prefer Her Point of View which has bright and lively colors that keep my brain thinking all day long. It would really look good in either binder, too!

  10. I haven\’t used a ring bound planner in awhile. I\’d love to start again with a beautiful one like above.
    Classic size sounds like a great way to capture everything. Thank you for the chance.

  11. I pick Monticello every year, and I could really use a new cover! I bought my first cover over 10 years ago at a Franklin store and I\’m still using it today!

  12. Retropop ring bound. I love the style and the colors. I\’d love to win one. I\’d give my daughter my old one (which isn\’t THAT old) and make the new one my own. I thinking winning it will be a smile on my face every time I see it.

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