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Make Your Pinterest Boards More Than Just Wishful Thinking

In just a short time, Pinterest has grown from a novelty to the norm with more than 70 million users. We use it to track things we’d like to have, recipes we’d like to try, outfits we’d like to wear, crafts we’d like to re-create, and workouts that might help us with those trouble spots. And that’s just the beginning. But at the end of the day, isn’t Pinterest just a creative list of website bookmarks—a fancy list of things to try?

63475_1lrgcase (1)Creating Pinterest boards is enjoyable, but the board isn’t the actual goal. Eventually we want to bring some of that creativity into our everyday lives. Sometimes adding that creativity is as simple as purchasing a clever hanging organizer, or striking shoe rack. But other times that creative touch requires time and effort—even planning.

If you’re ready to take something from your Pinterest board and make it a reality, we have a few suggestions to help ensure it’s a success.

Plan First

Creative projects always take time—usually more than you think you’ll need, so set aside time in your planner for your project. Decide how much time your activity will require, whether it’s decorations for a child’s room or an outdoor pergola, then double it. (My outdoor pergola was supposed to take two weekends, but because I was working alone and had limited time, it took 4 months.)

Make Lists

It’s important to keep track of your project with lists. You’ll want a list of required items, list of tools, and perhaps a list of expenses. You may want to break your lists into segments for larger projects.

Work With Friends

Projects are more fun when they’re shared. Find ways to include your children or other friends and family members, and turn your fun activity into a group party. This is also very helpful when you realize you aren’t going to finish your project in the time allotted. Friends and family can act as motivation to keep at it, or if the project turns out to be more than you bargained for, they can be the perfect intervention to protect you from your overgrown ambition.

Pace Yourself

Remember that some of the things you find on Pinterest are created by professionals. You may require more time, money, help, or expertise to complete your dream project. Don’t worry if your creative endeavor takes longer than expected or ends up looking different than you planned. Taking the effort to do a project is often the best way to learn something new. Acting on your goals is never wasted time.

Know Your Limits

If you find the perfect flower garden, patio, or bedroom makeover but know that it’s beyond your abilities, don’t stress. Instead of setting aside time and resources to do it yourself, you can make a goal to pay a professional. Keep your goals in your planner and track your savings until you can finally pay for that dream project. After all saving your money and paying for the job is still a huge accomplishment.

We love Pinterest. It’s a great way to keep track of your favorite aspirations, but actually working to accomplish those goals is even more rewarding.

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