Making the Most of Your Pagefinder

 By Patty Gardner

Page Finders Franklin

I don’t know about you, but my planner’s page finder is a really important part of my system.  Most of the time my planner is open, on the counter or my desk, where I can see it easily.  But if it’s closed, I need to be able to get to my daily page FAST and my page finder allows me to do that.

But it’s not just a page finder!  It can be SO much more, especially if you’re using a pouch page finder by Franklin Planners.  The pouch can hold so many interesting things, including:


Page Finder - Menu

The Weekly Compass cards have 8 boxes on the front side.  You can use 7 for meals and 1 for dessert.  Then your meal plan right in front of you.

Inspirational Quotes

Page Finder - Inspiration

Who doesn’t love to be inspired?!  If you have quotes that motivate or inspire you, write them on a piece of paper and put them in the pouch page finder.


Page Finder - Memorization

If you’re trying to memorize something, type or write it on a piece of paper and put it in your page finder.  Every time you look at your planner (which hopefully is often), you can work on your memorization project.

To-Do List for the Week

Page Finder - To Do's Side 1

Page Finder - To Do's Side 2

If you’re using the Weekly Compass cards you can put your top 8 priorities on the front, one per box, and everything else you need (or want) to do on the back side.


Page Finder - Dailies

Tired of re-writing those dailies every day? Put them on a Weekly Compass card or blank piece of paper, put the paper in the pouch and use a dry erase marker to mark them off each day.

Shopping Lists & Reminders

Page Finder - Grocery List

Use post-it notes to keep track of your shopping lists and other reminders and stick the post-its directly on the page finder.  You can still keep things in the pouch, too.

Besides the awesome pouch page finder, here are some other page finder ideas:

 Colored Page Finders

You can also use different colored page finders.  Franklin Planners has an assortment of bright colors.

Multiple Page Finders

You can use multiple page finders.  Sometimes I put one page finder in the correct way and the second one in upside down so the top sticks out of the bottom of the planner.  It makes it easy to grab the one I want.

Page Finder - 2 page finders

Progressive Task List Page Finder

Page Finder - Progressive Task List stack

Page Finder - Progressive Task List

Franklin Planners sells a page finder made of heavy cardstock that you write on directly.  It’s called a progressive task list.  I’ve used it a lot, too.

So if you’ve used your page finder as just a page finder, maybe it’s time to spread your wings and see what other uses you can find for that unused planner real estate.

Do you do anything special with your page finder?


Thank you, Patty! Patty is a guest blog contributor to the GO Community and we are so excited to learn new tips from her.

Patty GardnerPatty Gardner is a full-time homemaker and writes at Homemakers Daily. The purpose of the blog is to share what she has learned through her many phases of life with others. You’ll find practical, nitty gritty, to-the-point articles to help you in your everyday life as you try to stretch your budget and your time and make a home for your family!


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