Integrating Meal Planning Into Your Planning System

We humans are so lucky! For us, food is more than simple sustenance—mealtime is an opportunity to gather as friends and family to experience, even indulge in flavor. Food is such an integral part of our lives that most of us can list our favorite comfort foods. But anyone who has ever tried will tell you that meals don’t just happen without a plan. If we aren’t careful, life events will try to commandeer our day, leaving us with little time to prepare food. We can easily overcome that dilemma with a few simple planning tools.

Start with your planner.

Planning your meals during your weekly and daily planning gives you time to consider what you want to prepare and what you’ll need to purchase to make it happen. For example: If you want chicken tikka masala on Monday, you’ll want to pick up chicken, yogurt, basmati rice, and any spices you may need when you’re shopping on Saturday.

Use our meal planning and shopping list forms.

These simple forms give you space to jot down the meals you plan to prepare each day. On the reverse side you can list all the items you’ll need to purchase. The shopping list is divided into sections that you’ll find at the grocery store, so you can get in and out quickly.

Discover our new Foodie Glossary and Meal Planning Sheets Pack.

This handy pack includes 53 pages for meal planning and grocery lists, as well as a glossary of food terms, conversions, measurements, substitutions, herb and spice guides, canning information, and much more to make your meal planning and preparation easier. It is a great resource when you want to make a wonderful meal from the food you have on hand.

A few minutes of meal planning will reduce the stress we often feel around mealtime. It also helps you save time at the grocery store, eliminate food waste, manage hunger, and save money. Plus, homemade meals tend to be healthier for you than pre-packaged food and fast food. Start planning your meals during your next planning session, and see how much more control you have over mealtime.

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  1. I have been a Registered Dietitian for almost 40 years and think that this planner can be a great help to many people in healthy meal planning. Great job!

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