Add to your planning experience with meaningful accessories

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal planner for 2020, it’s time to make it uniquely yours. You can add to your planning experience with well-designed, ingenious accessories that augment your daily plans.


Your planner is laid out with intuitive sections for appointments, tasks, notes and more. But sometimes these act as a jumping off point for further exploration and deeper planning. Forms make it easier to dive more deeply into your endeavors.

  • Additional Lined Pages allow you room to take detailed notes, scribble down project plans, or draft a poem.
  • Goal Planning Forms walk you through the process of setting meaningful goals, and ensuring those goals are broken down into manageable, time specific steps.
  • The Occasions Pack makes it easy to plan special gatherings, gift ideas, vacations, and more.
  • If you want to improve your meal preparation, the Foodie Glossary is the ideal solution.
  • And the financial plans supplement makes it easier to make and stick to a budget.


This is only a handful of the forms available on our website to help ensure your plans are specifically tailored to you.



Most of our planners come with a Pagefinder, but one may not be enough. Pagefinders are designed to help you flip to the current day. You may also want a Pagefinder to hold the place for your monthly Master Task List, or another back near your Health and Fitness Tracker. Pagefinders are available for ring-bound or wire-bounder planners, and they come in several designer patterns to spruce up your day.

Planner Decorations

Decorations add a custom touch to your planner. Personalize it with a nameplate. Add color and pattern with stickers. Accentuate an event with magnetic clips or colorful page flags. Whatever you’d like to use to transform your planner can be found at

Tabs and Pocket Dividers

Designate sections in your planner for specific elements of your life with several dividers that appeal to your taste—from simple and white, to bold and flamboyant. Organize even further with pocket dividers that offer space for mementos, documents, or other necessities.


Whatever you do to customize and improve your planning experience, be sure that when you’re done, your planner is a reflection of you. As you browse the accessories at, we’re confident you’ll find several items to make your planner uniquely yours!

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  1. Being a Preschool Educator/Teacher all the material are worth it. I found that everything I needed was right in front of me and very useful to the field that I’m in. I let all the other educator/teacher now where I got my planner from and how it kept me organize and ready on a daily basis of in my learning, development, growing process as a educator/teacher. How so important it is to always be prepared in this field of education and this planner will help keep you on top of things in the field of education and so much more.

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