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Peace of mind and satisfaction have little to do with the circumstances of our lives, and much more to do with the focus of our lives. The secret is maintaining that focus each day. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of daily matters and lose track of the things that matter most. Over the next three weeks, you’ll chart a course and navigate your way toward your goals. Through the simple act of daily planning, you’ll begin to bring about big changes in your life—and start achieving what matters most to you.


It takes at least 21 days to form a habit. In the early days of FranklinPlanner, we routinely issued a 21-day challenge to our clients and asked them to write us with the results of their efforts. We received unimaginable stories—people reconnected with loved ones, got out of debt, started successful businesses, and re-arranged their activities to align with their core values. Their lives were more rich and meaningful, with a greater sense of purpose. We’re confident you’ll see similar results as you incorporate planning into your daily routine. Just try it for 21 days. Find our most recent 21-Day Planner Challenge here.


We believe the key to successful planning is prioritizing. But first, let’s establish the difference between tasks and appointments. Appointments have a set time when they need to happen, but tasks are the things you choose to do with the time you have left. Since you have a limited time to accomplish your tasks, it’s important to ensure you’re working on the tasks that matter most. This is where prioritizing comes in. Your Prioritized Daily Task List makes that easy with three simple steps: brain dump, assign value, and give order.

1. Brain Dump – Write all the tasks you’d like to accomplish in your day. Don’t worry about order or importance.

2. Assign Value – Designate which items are most urgent and important and place an A beside them. Place a B next to less urgent tasks and so forth.

3. Give Order – Number all of your ‘A’ tasks by priority 1, 2, 3. Do the same with your ‘B’ and ‘C’ tasks.



Moving toward your goals is a simple four-step daily process. It takes about ten minutes each morning, but it’s sure to save you time throughout your day.

1. Review yesterday to determine which tasks need to be finished today.

2. Check today’s appointments and block out the necessary time.

3. Make a realistic list of tasks for the day.

4. Prioritize your tasks (ABC, 123).

We challenge you to practice these four steps daily for the next three weeks to discover how powerful this small daily exercise can be in your life.



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