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3 Replies to “Men: What are you looking for in a binder for your planner?”

  1. I have always used the Classic size. I would like to see a binder with a larger ring in order to allow for more storage and easier closure. I sometimes pack enough notes into the binder that I can\’t hardly snap it shut and I am thinking the strap that is used to snap it will soon give up and rip out. It is tough to keep enough info that you need on hand with enough room left for new items to be noted.

    Love the system though. I use the 7 Habits system. Good motivating quotes and a good refresher to read on a short break or to refocus on what is important.

    Great materials all-in-all. Do not plan to change. I have tried electronic versions…no thank you. Too much hassle and too tough to actually \”use\”.

  2. I agree with Chad Montgomery. I like the 7 Habits system too. I used to use the Classic size and found it too bulky, so moved to Compact. I like to be able to put more than 3 months at a time in my binder, so need enough space for all the sections that come with 7 Habits and have a zippered pocket/business cards, post-its, etc. to fit in there. I also like having enough notes pages for ideas, etc. but don\’t ever use the address book. A comfortable pen is important to me. Nothing bugs me more than trying to write with a cheap pen that doesn\’t flow well. Yes, it\’s old school but I don\’t ever worry about running out of batteries (just ink!). Sometimes I get tired of staring at computer screens.

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