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New Fall Planner Designs

When we design planners, we try and think of ways to catch your attention. After all, planning doesn’t happen in a vacuum – you have a big, distracting world competing for your attention. Designing a planner that appeals to your senses without impeding your planning process takes careful thought and decades of experience.

That’s why we’re excited to share our newest planner designs with you: Playlist and RetroPop.


Planner Insert Music Themed


Our Playlist planner design captures the fascinating world of music on your daily planning page. Loaded with entertaining facts and trivia for 12 different music genres, this peppy planner gives you plenty of room for to-dos, appointment schedule, and notes. Includes tabbed, two-page monthly calendars as well as six years worth of future planning calendars.


Playlist Specs:

  • Daily music factoids and trivia
  • Full daily page for notes
  • Colors and musical genres change monthly
  • Two-page monthly calendars
  • Six years of future planning calendars


Orange Planner Pages

With RetroPop, you get bold shapes and bright colors rotating regularly throughout, in a design that focuses on tasks and notes. There’s nothing like a vibrant, colorful design to help you plan your day, and RetroPop fits the bill, adding exciting style to your daily schedule.


RetroPop Specs:

• Open one-page-per-day design focuses on tasks and notes

• Bright colors and patterns rotate regularly throughout the planner

• Each spread has a mini calendar for the current and future months

• Two-page monthly tabs, some lined pages and future planning calendars included



Whether you’re interested in art or music, our new planner designs have something to catch your interest. Try a new design for 2014.

13 Replies to “New Fall Planner Designs”

  1. I wish you would bring back the early version (circa 2005) of \”Blooms\”. It was feminine, soft, and characteristic of women power users who displayed subtlety and grace. These pastel-based planning pages perfectly captured my personality and lifestyle. The current planning pages have a bolder, less feminine design which I do not care for. Any chance of taking Blooms back to a softer, more understated version of quiet sophistication?

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jill. We are in the process of picking a new design and we love all the feedback we get. I will pass along your comment to our design team!

    2. I am with Jill! It was a bummer when no longer available! 🙂 Still, in all, Franklin Covey is the BEST!

  2. My choice of the Monticello style for my working calendar has been a daily problem over this entire past year. I use the vertical weekly in Compact size for scheduling my patients. The very small font of the day/date heading, in white on the blue background, is extremely difficult to read. I would not ever get this style again.

    Also, as a user of the vertical weekly pages, it is frustrating that many of the styles I would like to buy do not come in this format. The horizontal weekly is not a good fit for the scheduling I need to do, and I prefer the Compact size.

    I am hoping to downsize this year to a wire bound vertical weekly, but am unsure if there are many options in your offerings.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jeryl. I have passed your comment on to one of our managers in hopes that they can find a solution to that. We are currently picking new designs for planners so all the feedback we receive is appreciated.

    1. If you would like to get rid of the bulk, our wirebound planners are becoming popular for that very reason. However, I passed on your comment to see if our product managers are planning on going back to 1.5 so keep an eye out for a possible change. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. I wish you would have more choices of planners for the pocket binder. They are boring and
    the same old designs that have been around for years. It would be nice to have the same choices
    as the other sizes. Starting to get annoyed and ready to go to a different system.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Cheryl, we really appreciate it. I have passed on your comments to our product managers and hopefully we can get some more designs out for our users.

  4. I got an email three days ago offering 15% off my order of a planner and binder and when I entered the code on the checkout page I was told it was no longer valid. There is NO expiration date on the email (or anywhere else I could find!) I will NOT be ordering and paying full price when I had a valid expectation of a discount!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I am so sorry the code was not working for you. I looked into it, and it should be valid for you until tomorrow, October 24 in the evening (use the same promo code). We appreciate your business and again I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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