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Ode to The Busy Mother

Here’s to those of you who are literally shaping society—molding the next leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and agents of change. It’s a big job, yet it isn’t your only job. Moms are busy. You’re volunteers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, managers, bus drivers, firefighters—you name it. Even so, Mother is the job title you wear all the time. You don’t clock out. Regardless of your daily demands, you still, almost magically, nurture life, growth, nourishment, and learning in the home.

Making magic is a lot of hard work—but the greatest satisfaction in life comes from those endeavors into which you put the most of yourself. So you beam over first steps, first words, first foods, the first day of school—and you weep at recitals, graduations, and award ceremonies. You give your all for this! With a world filled with things that beg for your time, the secret is to decide what matters most each day, and place your efforts there. Here are some ways to help you do just that.

Plan Every Day

Planning is the secret to success and achievement—even, and especially, for Mom. Planning can reduce stress and anxiety as you write down your daily tasks and prioritize them by importance. You’ll be surprised at how many seemingly urgent tasks can wait while you attend to what really matters.

Remember that the only things you can truly control are your own actions. Consistent planning gives you greater power over the actions you can control, and fewer worries over the things that are out of your control. Planning helps you find success where it matters most, and to set aside the rest.

Find Strength In Your Roles

Get a Pouch Pagefinder for your planner and a set of Compass Cards. Compass Cards are a subtle reminder of all the roles you play throughout the week. Remember that Mother, though vital, is not the only role you play. You’re also an individual with talents, gifts, and aspirations. You’re a friend, a daughter, and a neighbor. Perhaps you’re a musician, a co-worker, a student, or an artist. Each of these amazing roles builds upon and strengthens the rest—especially the role of Mom. As you strengthen yourself, you increase your strength for others.

Plan Time For You

As a mother, you place everyone above yourself, but remember you’re important too! As you plan, you’ll discover moments during the day that you can devote to you—a half-hour to read a book, time to try a new recipe, time for yoga or a walk, time to shop, time to practice a skill or work on a hobby that lifts your spirit.

By doing these personal things, you’ll make more of yourself. You’ll add to your own peace, strength, and joy—and you’ll discover that there is actually more of you to go around. You’ll rest lighter and sleep deeper. So plan time to discover what you love and invigorate your soul.

Record The Little Things

At home, there are no corporate ladders to climb, no raises, none of the usual accolades for a job well done. Your accolades are different. You’re the one they reach for when they’re scared or hurt. You’re who they look for as they bounce through the door bright-eyed with stories to share. You’re the one for whom all school art projects are created. Express your thoughts and feelings on your notes pages and in a journal.

There is power in expressing yourself and recording your life, even if no one else reads it. You develop a greater sense of who you are and what makes your life special. As you record these small moments, you’ll develop new perspective and find even more joy in the little things.

Use Your Planner For Reflection

Motherhood is not easy. Like every mom, you face unexpected challenges and events that remind you that you’re human. We all struggle at this job, and we’re our own worst critics. It’s sometimes easier to see our flaws than it is to see our strengths.

But don’t get down on yourself. Instead, open your planner and look back over all you’ve done—the hopes and dreams you’ve helped create, the challenges you’ve helped them overcome, small victories they’ve shared with you, projects you’ve completed, and the steps you’ve taken toward your goals. Read over your list of core values and you’ll see that you’re doing O.K. You might not feel on top of everything, but you’re working on the things that matter most. You’ll rest easier knowing you can do this—in fact, you are doing this! You’ve got this!

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  1. I like how you break down what to do with your planner, the accessories to include and the pep talk for mothers. Nice added addition.

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