Organized October—Week 1

As 2020 careens to a close, we’re eagerly anticipating 2021. It’s got to be better, right? Did you notice that when your plans for 2020 were superseded by huge events, you still found yourself using your planner? In fact, you’ve likely used it more than ever over the past several months—rescheduling family vacations, organizing home-schooling activities, and planning creative ways to enjoy your summer.


Organized October is a time to prepare for a wild and wonderful 2021, and your Franklin Planner System is the key to that success.


Your Franklin Planner Is the One Thing That Changes Everything—Everyday

It seems clear that the world is getting more chaotic. Today’s digital information age is overwhelming us and sabotaging our productivity. We’re constantly interacting with our devices—being bombarded with noise, alarms, and the urgencies of the day. It’s exhausting! However, your Franklin Planner will enable you to sift through all the noise and focus on the things that matter most to you. It has never been more powerful, relevant, and vital!


Daily planning is an opportunity to shut out all the noise for a few minutes and focus on the things that make you feel alive. Your Franklin Planner encourages you to anchor your daily actions to the people, ideals, and values you hold dear—without drifting into areas that waste your time and energy. After all, time is the most valuable currency you have. You’re going to use every second of it daily. Why not ensure that you make those seconds meaningful?


Your Franklin Planner is grounded on proven principles of success.

The Franklin Planner System is much more than another planning fad. It’s been time-tested and proven for more than 35 years.


When Hyrum W. Smith developed the first Franklin Planner, he based it on the planning habits of Benjamin Franklin himself. Ben had a list of 13 virtues that he wanted to improve upon throughout his life, so he carried a small black book with him each day in which he recorded the weather, his daily activities, and the virtue he was working to improve.


Hyrum decided to implement similar practices in his own life. After extensive research, he developed the Franklin Planner. Later, Hyrum joined forces with the renowned Stephen R. Covey, and together they taught millions of people the principles of effective living. They taught that time is not something you can control or manage, but you can learn how to control YOU. You can choose what matters most to you, and place first things first.


The timeless principles taught by Stephen R. Covey and Hyrum W. Smith can change your life. Paramount among these ideals are the principles of identifying what matters most to you and making plans to focus your time and effort toward those endeavors.


There’s a huge difference between spending time and investing it. Your Franklin Planner serves as a daily reminder—encouraging you to invest your time in meaningful ways. Here are a few ways your Franklin Planner will change your life:


  • Daily Reflection—Unrushed, daily planning with pen and paper allows you time to unwind and focus on the things that truly matter.
  • Determine What Matters Most To You—Your planner is the ideal place to list and assess your core values—the unique desires, motivations, relationships, skills, beliefs, and ideas, that you hold most dear.
  • Align Your Actions With Your Values—When you start the day focused on activities that support and strengthen your core values, your confidence will grow. You’ll fall into bed each night with a sense of meaningful accomplishment.


Today’s Franklin Planner is the one thing that can change everything that matters to you—everyday. Pick up your own Franklin Planner today and start making the ultimate difference in your daily life. If you’d like to get a greater understanding of why you plan and how to maximize your Franklin Planner system, visit our FREE online training course at

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