Organized October—Week 2

Organized October is all about pulling yourself together before the rush of the holidays and the start of a new year. If you plan well, the four weeks of October can give you a significant boost. October is an ideal time to organize the kids’ rooms, your closets, filing cabinets, refrigerator, or whatever else may be bothering you.


Don’t forget about sharpening the saw. Organized October is an ideal time to work on a skill, or develop some other personal aspect that you can share with others. The challenge is making time for all those things. The answer, of course, is daily planning.


Your Franklin Planner is the one thing that changes everything—everyday. The world we’re living in has never been more chaotic. We’re constantly bombarded with the noise and urgencies of the day. It’s exhausting! But when you take a few minutes to plan each day, you begin to take control. You create a quiet moment for reflection where you can focus on what matters most, and align your actions with your values.


Time is what life is made of. Time is the most valuable currency you have. You’re going to use every second of it daily. What you choose to do with your time is critical. Why not ensure that you make each second meaningful?


The Franklin Planner system is for everyone—it’s infinitely adaptable to your individual and unique lifestyle. No matter who you are, time and experience will change you bit by bit. When you remember that you have the power to choose many of your daily experiences, you realize that you truly can control much of the outcome of your life. And when you can’t control the outcome of a situation, you have the power to determine how you’ll react to it. That’s the power of planning. You plan your time, your experiences, and your life around the people, ideals, and values that matter most.


Every person has immense value and potential. None of us can be defined by any one group or set of rules. We are each individuals—with unique hopes, dreams, goals, and challenges. That’s the beauty of humanity. You matter. Your dreams matter. Your goals matter. You have so much to give simply by being you.


Your Franklin Planner is designed to help you draw upon your core strengths and values, and plan monthly, weekly, and daily actions that are tied directly to those values. No matter what your passions are, you can address and magnify each of them through this system.


Franklin Planner is designed to help you become your best self.

This isn’t just any planner. It’s a powerful, customizable tool designed to take anyone from where they are now, to where they hope to be. Our planning system is rooted in the daily actions of Benjamin Franklin himself—a man who defined who and what he wanted to become and then lived each day to its fullest potential. Our founder and productivity specialist, Hyrum W. Smith, designed the planner based on Franklin’s little black book, and the teachings of thought leaders both ancient and modern. Your Franklin Planner is far more than a booklet of to-do lists. Don’t use it just to do your tasks—use it to become the unique individual you know you can be.


No matter how your year has been so far, you can make this October amazing! If daily planning can give you a quiet moment to reflect on what matters most, enable you to plan the daily steps to achieve your goals, and empower you to determine who you are and hope to become—then clearly, you can use it to make the most of your October! Start today. Find a quiet place and reflect on your plans.


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