Organized October—Week 3

When you ask the most successful people to share their secrets, you’ll find that their solution is almost always the same. They set goals and worked harder and longer than their peers—devoting their lives to mastering their craft. It’s nothing new. We’re all trying to do the same.


As we take a few weeks in October to reset before the rush of the holidays and the start of another year, it pays to pause and consider our efforts of 2020. What an unusual year it has been! This has certainly not been a year to run on auto pilot!


As plans changed, you’ve worked to change your plans. Many of you have continued toward your goals even amid the challenges you’ve encountered because you understand that the secret to success is quiet, focused planning and consistent effort. Even in more normal circumstances, you still need to assess your situation and make adjustments as you work toward your goals. This year has been all about adjustments. In order to make those adjustments, stay on top of your goals, and keep one step ahead of chaos, you need to have the right technology at your fingertips.


Paper is the most vital technology available for planning.

When we think of technology, we rarely think of paper and pen. Typically, we focus on the most recent advancements in science, medicine, travel, or communication. But for two thousand years paper has been, and will continue to be, a fascinating technological advancement. Just because paper is common today, that doesn’t make it any less efficient.


Science and experience have shown that writing with pen and paper improves your ability to recall information, because your brain is intrinsically connected to your hands. Writing brings clarity and creativity to your thinking, increases mental health and memory retention, and is a powerful way to align your actions with your values. That’s why so many people who left their paper planners for digital devices are returning to paper today.


With paper, you can write out your plans in detail from beginning to end, scrawl mind maps, and even sketch out your big ideas. Writing notes by hand actually sparks more related ideas and imbeds the information deeper into your memory. It’s simply more powerful to plan with paper.


Franklin Planner has helped millions of people focus on what matters most in their lives for more than 35 years, and it’s still incredibly valuable today. In fact, with all the distractions we face in today’s information age, your Franklin Planner may be the best way to tune out the noise and bring clarity to your life. It’s never been more powerful, relevant, and vital!


Maximize your planner to improve your productivity.

You can be stronger in the wake of distractions by utilizing each aspect of your Franklin Planner. The Monthly Master Task List provides a place to assess your goals for each month and list the things you’d like to work toward. Your Prioritized Daily Task List allows you to plot out manageable tasks that will keep you moving ahead each day. Your Monthly Index page is a great way to keep track of the important events and information you gain throughout the month, so you can quickly find those details later.


You can strengthen your planner by adding even more tools to your plans. Consider extra notes pages, more tabs so you can create sections for meetings, lists, school and family events, or dedicated forms for goals, shopping lists, and financial management. In addition to the many ways you currently use your Franklin Planner, don’t pass up opportunities to plan and assess your personal growth. You have the ability within you to make this October your best yet. Here’s to a great Organized October and a wonderful 2021!

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