Organized October 2020

Organized October 2020. Make October a season of growth, change, and improvement. Discover 7 Big Ideas that can improve the way you plan, maximize your achievements, and help deepen your relationships.

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  1. I used a Franklin Planner for years when I worked in a government office. But now that I’m retired from that, still working, I like using a planner with a more visually fun(?) format. But what I find lacking from the planners that I’ve been buying is pages for monthly goals/tasks. Also, I’d like more room for day journaling. I still have plenty of goals I want to accomplish.

    1. If you look through the selections , they have changed some, you may find a wonderful new setup for the season of life you are in

    2. I think because everyone’s monthly tasks are so individual, it might be hard to quantify them into a single form, or even format, that everyone could use. I use the Master Task List at the back of the monthly calendar for this purpose. I rule it off into sections that work for me: under ‘Personal’ I list the greeting cards I need to send out that month, along with any notes I’d like to send people in my (large) family. Below that is a space for ‘Church’, as I am a choir director and need to plan services in advance, and below that is my list of ‘Errands’ that might crop up during the month. I use the ‘Business’ column for my monthly household tasks: a section that lists ‘Bills to Pay’ (and I leave room for any unexpected bills that might crop up); a second section for the monthly household-maintenance chores that we all need to see to; and a third section where I can list things I might need to buy, like gifts or household purchases. Other people might find they need a ‘Garden’ section that allows them to stay on top of yard work, or details of other hobbies that need tracking. Bottom line: I’d recommend restructuring the Master Task List for your own needs.

  2. I am in agreement with Kate. I have been using the Franklin planner for more than 15 years. I can not live without it. I too would love to see more goals sheets in the planner.

  3. I love the format of the 5 Choices weekly planner (I draw in a line 3 spaces above the last line of the day’s space for my top 3 “to-do’s of the day) but would love it to be softer and more visually appealing too. I am a 30+ year Franklin Planner user juggling 7 kids, businesses, along with jobs ( and hopefully quality lift time too). My planner is key to my life!

  4. I’m a former long term user of the Franklin planner. I’ve been using another system for a couple of years only because I never had enough space to write goals and, especially to do’s that are in several differing categories. I’m looking to possibly get into the Franklin planners again, maybe a bigger size might help as well. I’m still working in a university (over two decades as a professor), but definitely doing more administration and long term planning work.

  5. I agree with Kate,
    I to would like to have more space for Journaling…there are some things that don’t fit under the given options.

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