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Organized for School

With the new school year around the corner, how prepared are you?

To help you get the chance to prepare and stay a bit more organized, we are giving you the chance to win a Putnam Messenger Bag.

This classic, durable, messenger bag will last (almost) forever. The classic, never-dated style and thick, waxed cotton canvas can take years of wear and still look beautiful. The rich leather details, handle, and shoulder pad give it a touch of rustic character. But the beauty goes beyond the bag. United by Blue uses proceeds from every purchase to organize ocean and waterway cleanup projects around the country. So your attractive messenger bag will add to the beauty all around you.


One winner will be announced on Friday, August 8. To enter simply comment below and tell us, “How do you keep school items organized all year long?”

24 Replies to “Organized for School”

  1. I keep designated places for papers and supplies, and pack a bag the night before so the morning isn\’t rushed trying to find what needs to go out of the house.

  2. To stay organized I use binders and dividers. Binders with plastic covers instead of paper because the plastic binders are much more likely to not break through the long school year.

  3. Everything needs to have a \”place\” and before I leave my classroom each day, I try to put everything in its \”place.\”

  4. This would be great, I usually have piles and stakes of things; this tote would keep all the essentials I need from home to school in one place.

  5. I use my planner to keep my ideas and commitments organized. I\’m a big fan of plastic tubs, specifically inexpensive shoe boxes, to keep my supplies organize.

  6. I keep organized by keeping my desk and filing cabinet clean. If I were to let things pile up, I\’d never get caught up. I use different plastic tubs and crates to keep 4 periods of science classes, 2 clubs, and 1 exploration class\’ materials separated and neat. I also use an online calendar that syncs with my phone!!

  7. I keep food and liquids out of my bag and off the desk. A spill can ruin even the best organized systems. I also only put out what I use and if something is not necessary I put it in the staff room for someone else to take and use. It works to focus on what is important and useful.

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