Organized October: Personal Growth

Personal growth is your “me time”. We refer to it as “sharpening the saw”. You need to spend time strengthening yourself if you intend to be effective at the things you do. To keep your saw sharp, be sure you’re including activities like the following in your planner on a regular basis:

  • mental health check
  • physical health goals
  • exercise
  • doctor and dentist appointments
  • educations goals, skill mastery
  • hobbies
  • meditation, spiritual renewal, relaxation


It’s important to keep a record of your life. Use your planner to remember significant and even simple day-to-day events.

Dot Grid Wire-bound Daily Planner, Jordan Wire-bound Cover

Schedule Self-care Appointments

Take care of yourself by scheduling doctor, dentist, and other regular checkup appointments. Plan to treat yourself to a massage, pedicure, therapy, or even a great movie or book.

Flora Ring-bound Daily Planner, Charlotte Snap Binder

Continued Education

Continue learning. Register for a class that interests you, make a list of books you’d like to read, or dive more deeply into your hobbies.

7 Habits Ring-bound Daily Planner, Classic Logan Zipper Binder

Track Fitness and Health Goals

Use a stamp, write, or color in how much water you drink. Plan healthy, homemade meals, and schedule time to move, stretch, and breathe deeply.

Foodie Daily Ring-bound Planner

Big Picture Perspective

Take time to reflect, plan yearly goals, and consider where you’ve been.

Living Color Daily Ring-bound Planner, Floral Planner Love Simulated Leather Snap Binder,

Yearly Foldout Calendar

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